• Medical News Today: Exercise eases hot flashes during menopause


    ... from Medical News Today Women who participated in a 16-week exercise program experienced milder symptoms of hot flashes than those who did not exercise. Sweating and cutaneous vasodilation were decreased. ...

  • Signs of “new normal” in Earth’s climate apparent in hot 2012


    Signs of "new normal" in Earth's climate apparent in hot 2012

  • For A Discount, Tell The Salesperson They’re Hot


    ... they're hot. According to a new report, a great way to get a discount is to tell the salesperson ... always so quick to give you compliments, it’s to get you to lower your guard, and pay what they want.

  • What are the new paradigms in our hot new world of today?


    ... paradigms in our hot new world of today? Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill… http://dominancegamespolitics.com/ ...

  • Really Cold Days or Really Hot Days: What Do People Hate More?


    ... it was warmer. When it's insanely hot outside, you complain and wish it was colder. But which is worse? When it’s freezing outside, you complain and wish it was warmer. When it’s insanely hot outside, you ...

  • Temperatures In The Mid-80s Today, 90s Later This Week


    ... It’s also windy in the foothills, but not as gusty as it was yesterday. A ridge of high pressure is bringing us the hot temperatures. In the valley, we’ll reach the upper-80s today and the 90s later this week. ...

  • HOT Gadgets to Keep Your Family COOL this summer


    ... There’s just one problem: It can get pretty hot! Keep yourself and your loved ones cool this summer ... her work at SF Solar Energy Examiner , SF Environmental News Examiner and Environmental News Examiner

  • Too Damn Hot!


    ... on a hot day “stay hydrated, drink water” or “put on sunscreen”, how about some alternatives to ... Raley’s and the frozen foods aisle 3)Loiter at the Galleria or Arden Arcade 4)Get arrested ( ...

  • Did I say HOT?


    ... the curry mix was super hot. I had to add more potatoes, broccoli and other veggies to expand the volume. I think I'm set for a few months of cooking with curry. Need to go rice shopping because the normal ...

  • Hot Today


    ... all day today and it was HOT. In Ojai this morning, it was well over hundred by the time we headed ... tonight’s blog entry is short and sweet. I need to go take a bath and then go straight to bed. ...