• Modern Technique Origins: Former Royal Marine | Soldier of Fortune Magazine


    Modern Technique Origins: Former Royal Marine | Soldier of Fortune Magazine August 2, ... Modern Technique Origins: Former Royal Marine July 29, 2015 Comments Off on Modern Technique Origins: Former Royal Marine 9, ...

  • Navy awards Aerovel Flexrotor contract to develop marine surveillance tech


    The high seas and UAVs go together like -- well, they go together really well. The Navy's cooking up 3D laser imaging technology for spotting pirates and the like, but it will need some aircraft for the task. Right ...

  • Catalogo Fratelli Abagnale Prefabbricati Cemento | Fratelli Abagnale Prefabbricati in Cemento


    ... Catalogo Il catalogo Fratelli Abagnale Prefabbricati Cemento è composto da varie sezioni: [subpage-view] In alternativa è possibile scaricare i cataloghi e il listino completo Fratelli Abagnale Prefabbricati ...

  • Marines field test solar panels by day, watch Gomer Pyle by night


    United States Marines are among the best-equipped soldiers on the planet, but more gadgets mean extra batteries to haul, adding dozens of pounds on extended missions. Troops in Afghanistan recently put that hot ...

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  • Origin: sconti del 40% sul catalogo Ubisoft


    Fino a domani, mercoledì 30 luglio, è possibile acquistare alcuni titoli del catalogo Ubisoft sulla piattaforma Origin con prezzi scontati del 40%.

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  • Marines send its 'AlphaDog' robot to the farm


    The Legged Squad Support System (LS3, or AlphaDog) won't be part of the near-future Marine corps. Following years of development and improvements through DARPA and Boston Dynamics, the robot was deemed too loud and ...

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  • The Marines start training Google's 160-pound robo-dog Spot


    ... owned company Boston Dynamics, enjoyed the great outdoors for a week back in September. Not to fetch sticks or roll around in the grass, but to train... with the Marines. It's gone a long way since its time...